Great Flower Girl Dresses

Here are some flower girl dress ideas for the most popular wedding themes around:

Cinderella Wedding Theme

If you are planning a Cinderella wedding theme, then extravagance and beauty should be a part of everything. And since your flower girls will be the first to appear, they need to set the tone boldly. For this theme, you should have more than one flower girl-three or four would be ideal-and then dress them spectacularly. Choose frilly white dresses with huge skirts and satin bows. You can tie in some of your wedding colors by adding fresh pale pink, yellow or blue flowers to their hair. In addition, they should wear satin ballerina slippers. Have them carry baskets decorated to match their dresses and throw tons of soft rose petals along the isle.

Beach Wedding Theme

Depending on the type of beach wedding that you want, you will have various choices with your flower girl dresses. If you want a romantic beach wedding, then put your flower girls in soft pastel tones or white, and use lots of fresh flowers-both in their hair and for them to throw. The flower girl wedding dresses can be shorter than in a formal wedding, and appropriate sandals would set the tone nicely. Instead of a basket, they could carry a pastel painted beach bucket filled to the rim with wildflowers to scatter along the isle.

If you have a stronger, more colorful beach wedding planned, why not have some fun with the flower girl dresses? Putting them in typical beach dresses to match your wedding d├ęcor would immediately let the wedding guests know that your wedding will be fun and adventurous.

Roaring 20’s Wedding

Imagine a black and white wedding, wing tips shoes and ostrich feathers. That’s the idea behind a roaring 20 wedding theme, and as you can imagine, a precious frilly flower girl dress simply won’t fit the bill. With this type of gutsy wedding, you will have to get imaginative with them. Why not dress your flower girls in white satin flapper girl dresses, with bands around their hair and beads around the hemline? With this type of dress, you will certainly hear ooh and ahs from the crowd!

Garden Party Wedding

If you dream of an outdoor wedding surrounded by blooming flowers and ivy-laced arches, then your flower girl dresses should take on an entirely different style. White, off-white or pale pastel linen would be an ideal choice. In addition, a beautiful soft cotton dress with a muted flower pattern would be lovely, tied with a large solid satin bow in the back. Add lace up satin sandals and an armful of colorful tulips, and your guests won’t be likely to forget your flower girls for some time to come.

Best Sites for Wedding and Reception

Let’s start with the budget first. By keeping in mind your budget throughout the whole decision making process, you can prevent heartache in the end. Suppose you found the perfect dream wedding spot only to learn that you could not possibly afford to hold your wedding there? Likely if you chose to have your ceremony in any other spot it would pale in comparison and be a disappointment when compared with the one you couldn’t swing.

On the other hand, what if you threw caution to the wind and indulged in the more expensive site? In this case, you might become bitter about your wedding day when the bills start to pile up or when you have to forgo your honeymoon to cover the costs. These two scenarios illustrate why it is very important to evaluate the cost before investigating any particular wedding or reception site. If it’s over your budget, don’t even look at it.

Your theme and type of wedding are also very important when choosing the perfect spot for your wedding nuptials. If you are having an informal country wedding, it would not make much sense to book an elaborate reception hall. A better choice may be to have an outdoor reception on a farm complete with a bonfire, country band, and wagon rides for the little ones.

If you’re just looking for a little inspiration and a list of great wedding sites to investigate, your local chamber of commerce can supply you with sites, historical and modern, that can be rented for functions such as weddings. This may be a great help when you’re trying to find a spot for your wedding that is unique and truly reflects your personality.

Blended Bride

What’s a bride to do to find peace and have a wonderful wedding day?

#1 – Bury your own hatchet and keep perspective. The bride is the center of attention on her big day – but not the universe. A wedding is a celebration of love and happiness – not a weapon for wielding and wounding.

Your wedding is not the time to remind your sister about the “great” guy she divorced, or to snub your dad’s wife or mother’s new husband. Even if you blackmail one or both parents into ditching their current spouses during the ceremony, the emotional repercussions of wedding invitations can ring for years.

Think about the atmosphere you want to set for your guests. It may please you to no end to keep “him” or “her” from sitting down front next to your parents, but consider your guests and their feelings. Think about the legacy you want to build as you create a new family.

#2 – If you want for your wedding to be a family occasion, then treat it like one and honor your relatives. Honor your relatives by inviting them – and their current spouses. Part of honoring relatives is to respect their relationship choices. Even if you are friends with your sister’s ex-husband and have coffee every week with Uncle Ferdie’s jilted wife, the reality is that you owe respect to the relationships your family members have chosen to formalize and de-formalize.

Formalized family relationships rank higher on the pecking order than friends of the family – which is a status ex-spouses slide into by default. If someone has divorced his/her spouse, inquire discreetly about their feelings on a wedding invitation for the ex. Some people may not care if their ex-spouse is invited. Others may request that their ex-spouse be invited to only the ceremony or seated as a friend and not with the family. Some will request that their ex-spouse not be invited at all and be miffed that you would even suggest such a thing.

If you opt not to invite the ex-spouse, have a private lunch or get-together to celebrate your nuptials. And explain the situation – most will understand. If you don’t know them well enough to get together privately – you probably don’t know them well enough to invite them to the wedding anyway.

#3 – Ask your relatives to not carry their personal battles with other relatives into your wedding. Ask your parents to stop working out their own divorce and to bury their respective hatchets for one day. If Aunt Martha and Cousin Vinny don’t get along, seat them at separate tables and tell them both that the dance floor in between is a demilitarized zone that is not to be crossed.

Stunning Wedding Graphics

The Internet can be your best friend when searching for wedding graphics. There are many sites that specialize in low or no cost graphics. Most of these feature wedding graphics and include directions on downloading the images to your own PC, allowing you to get to work immediately being a computer wizard.

In order to start producing your web site or invitations you’ll need a decent graphics editing software. Adobe Photoshop is the application of choice for most digital artists and graphic designers, but if you’re not expecting to launch a graphic design company of your own you may find Photoshop’s cost a bit on the high end at approximately $800.00. There are many other graphics editing programs available, however, with price points ranging from about $50.00 to $100.00. Any of these will help you get started in editing and designing your wedding graphics without breaking your bank account.

Once you learn the ins & outs of your chosen application and have gathered some wedding graphics that you’re pleased with, you’re ready to get started. If you’re designing a web site about your wedding, it can be done without any knowledge of HTML (the computer language that web pages are written in) by choosing a web host that includes page design features. There are many of these on the Internet and once you’ve found one, designing your web site is as easy as uploading your graphics to your new host and designing the page using their tools. For invitations, flyers, thank you notes and other printable items, all you need to do is visit your nearest office supply or computer electronics store and pick up a set of the appropriate printable material for your printer. You’ll be making your own items with the beautiful wedding graphics you’ve chosen in no time.