Choose Your Wedding Colors

If you are having bridesmaids, then choosing the bridesmaids dress is extremely important. One way to simplify choosing wedding colors is to visit a wedding boutique store with your bridesmaids. Choose a dress that looks good and everyone is comfortable in. This is very important, too often the bridesmaids end up in an uncomfortable dress that fits poorly. Now what you do is just ask the clerk what colors the dress comes in. You just eliminated all the colors the dress doesn’t come in. Once you decide on a color for their dresses, you can use this as a main color for your wedding.

When choosing your wedding colors think about the different colors that you like most. You may want to choose a main color and one or two accent colors for visual beauty. If you really don’t have a favorite color – or if it really isn’t suitable for a main wedding color, think about the season that you’re getting married in.

If you’re planning a spring or summer wedding go with pastels and lighter, brighter colors. For winter ceremonies you might want to consider darker tones like purples and burgundies. Or you can also use red and silver for more of a Christmas theme wedding. For a fall wedding, using yellows, oranges and even reds can provide a warm harvest-time feel.

But whatever, defintely don’t over-use black or extremely dark colors. Although it is perfectly all right – and even popular – to incorporate black into the wedding, over using it can make for a too somber, even funeral-like atmosphere rather than the joyfulness of a union of two hearts.

Once you have chosen a main wedding color, you can always use a color wheel, which artists use to accent colors in paintings. Using a wheel will help you choose another color or two that will compliment your main scheme.

No matter what you choose for your wedding colors, remember that this is a detail that will stick out the most with your guests. It will be the center and focal point of flowers, dresses and decorations. So, be sure when you choose a color, you choose carefully and be sure it is something that compliments your wedding party and the atmosphere that you want to set for your wedding.

Another idea to help in choosing wedding colors is thinking about what the colors represent. For instance, reds read as vibrant and energizing. Blue is cooler, more relaxing and offers a calming vibe. Greens are comforting, refreshing and tranquil, and yellows offer happiness and brightness, giving off an uplifting spirit.

Other possibilities to help you choose wedding colors are team colors (if you are a sports fan), colors that you saw used in a favorite movie or book, or maybe dominant colors from a time period that gives you that “loving feeling”. You don’t have to have a ‘wedding theme’ to have a ‘color scheme’. Be comfortable in the colors that you choose.